Frequent usage of the word "Miracle" makes it get worthless, fading into significance. But this very word is to be mentioned upon describing "Ski Dubai" indoor ski resort in the Mall of the Emirates.

Ski Dubai.
Winter chill in summer heat

In my home town it snows six months long. So having come to The Emirates I was not so keen on going to Ski Dubai.

Visiting The Mall of the Emirates with this huge ski resort and passing it by hundreds of times I sometimes stopped and was looking through a glass wall at sanguine faces of the people playing snowballs and moved on.

Of cause the ides of visiting Ski Dubai started up once in a while. But anyway my intentions didn't want to proceed into action until Dubai summer - the most stimulating factor to go skiing - came.

In fact, first two months of summer heat are very easy to sand. But the degree is going up and August has come, it's boiling, +40. Even the shortest distance under the scorching sunshine troubles. There is a feeling of oxygen deficiency. Aboriginal birds are on the lawns with their nibs open. It's hard to stand.

You are getting to be awake to this climate severity. You are almost tempted to find some cold or shade to stay in and it renders true beauty to the Ski Dubai snowdrifts.

Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East which is a part of the Mall of the Emirates.

Ski Dubai floor area is 22500 square meters which is equivalent to total square of three football fields.) It is 85 meters hight (approximately a 25-store building) with 80 meters wide. Ski Dubai capacity is 1500 visitors. Inside maintained temperature is -4 degrees Celsius.

Tickets, gifts, warm clothes and some winter sports equipment are available for purchasing in a big hall in front of the ski resort main entrance. As far as the eye can see there are penguins everywhere as stuffed toys and promotional products pictures and they are on plasmas as well. It goes without saying I wished to see these birds alive and to have a photo made with them.

A manager explained me that a photo with my arms around a penguin was possible but I was not allowed to use my own camera.

All the pictures are made by Ski Dubai photographers only. You are able to purchase the stills you like in a photo stand later.

A face-to-face meeting with eleven penguin-friends seemed very attractive to me but the 500 dirham price scared away. Finally I decided upon 300 dirham ticket allowing a face-to-face meeting with two penguins and one day unlimited in time Ski Dubai visit.

My contact with the penguins was very sweet and pleasant. Our small group was told there were two penguin species in Ski Dubai: the king penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) and gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) (the second and the third biggest in comparison with the emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) accordingly).

The females have hoops on their right wing, the males - on the left. These hops are of different colours - they have names written on them.

Penguins being extremely busy, curious and fearless creatures, circulate calmly among people. They are so clever that it is a shade uncomfortable to call them birds.

To reduce the risk of penguin contamination with any mycotic infection everybody meeting them face-to-face are suggested having their hands sterilized with special soap and having their sunglasses off - the penguins respond to them a bit nervous. After all the requirements are made you are allowed to give them a stroke or hug an emperor penguin a little (a gentoo penguin is not recommended for touching, they say he can't stand familiarities).

By the way penguins are as cold as fish to the touch. All the warmth is inside under a thick depot fat.

The files of the photos bought can be sent by means of special terminal to your postal dress or to your friends' address with an authorial postscript like:

 "Greetings from Dubai! It's me and my friend Kowalski in the picture"

Having met the penguins I ran like winking to the locker room for my camera and came back to the main territory of the ski resort. Near the entrance there is a huge interactive "Snowy park" with a snow cave, a bobsleigh track, different ice-hills and amusement rides in it.

It was the one we decided to start with. To experience slalom baby-like delight we had to queue a little. But it was worth doing! On a snow saucer down an ice-hill - such a Dubaian style!

One slope was followed by the second one, then by the third one. There is fuzzbuzz, happy and joyful children and looking years younger parents everywhere! Wahey!

I was keen to zorb riding down the mountain - in a big polyurethanes sphere but the queue made me feel rather mean so I put this entertainment away for later.

Having reached the top of the complex in an open chair lift I made some general photos. The size is impressive!

There is a cozy coffee bar on the top to make yourself warm and to enjoy a cup of hot tea.

Due to the fact that I am not good at mountain skiing and snowboarding I was going down using a two-tyrelike device (tubing). I could use the chairlift but ... " we don't take easy ways".

There are 5 ski trails with different difficulty level in Ski Dubai. The longest slope is 400 meters and it includes 60 meter "fall". There is a 90 meter pipe for snowboarding.

Special zones for new-comers and some instructors training 4-10 people groups are revealable.

At 6 pm I suddenly got a nice bonus. A parade of penguins took place on the fenced area in Ski Dubai common premises. Free show for everyone.

Thumb  dsc2287

At the same time some kind of another reality was passing behind the glass wall.

Someone sitting in a coffee bar and having a conversation, cast an occasional glance at our snow-covered world. Someone was just standing behind the glass watching children and adults playing joyfully.

Thumb  dsc0011.

At that very moment I realized I was the happiest person among those who were watching.

Between these drifts one could feel the life much more vividly. I could feel the snow crackling under my feet, I could feel my cheeks burning with frost and my fingers feeling chilly in a pair of very warn gloves. It was great!

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The enchanting world of Disney’s FROZEN at Ski Dubai! ❤


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